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The Fulani Project

In the second edition of “Arrivals,” Wesley Verhoeve introduces us to Tariq Tarey’s latest project; a beautiful portrait series of the Fulani community of his home state of Ohio.

At Night Gardens Grow

This spectral offering transports us into a landscape populated by anonymous figures and restless animals, navigating their way through the dead of the night.

Favorite Photobooks of 2021

39 curators, artists, editors and other photography experts reveal their personal favorite photobooks from 2021 — a delightfully diverse list of great recommendations.

Home Is Where The Garden Grows

In the first edition of “Arrivals”—a monthly column dedicated to new voices in photography—Wesley Verhoeve introduces us to Erinn Springer’s latest project; a tender meditation on family life set in the Midwest.

Out of the Shadow

Anna Biret is an artist with a gift for seeing the world as a deeply rich place of light, contrasts, colors, textures and shapes. With this kind of vision and attitude, ordinary moments can become extraordinary — if only for the fraction of a second it take

Sentiments and Sorrows

Brimming with emotion, Bowei Yang’s portraits create a space of healing in which the photographer and his subjects can explore their identities, liberating themselves from their conservative backgrounds.

In Visible Light

In these award-winning photographs by Sam Ferris, intense golden sunlight bounces off the steel-and-glass urban canyon walls of Sydney’s Central Business District — illuminating passersby and setting the stage for countless fleeting encounters on the cit

The Castle

Richard Mosse’s “The Castle” uses the discomforting, non-human vision of the thermographic camera to explore the refugee camps that characterize today’s migrant crisis.

The Poetic Verisimilitude of the Vernacular

Bertien van Manen’s “Archive” offers a deep-dive into the Dutch photographer’s extraordinary career, mapping out her empathetic, vernacular approach to the documentary genre through images as well as extracts from her journal.

Gwo Fanm — Being Strong in Vulnerability

Using her practice as a way to reflect on and heal family trauma, Naomieh Jovin works intimately with her family album, intervening in the archive and adding new perspectives with her own photographs.

Speak the Wind

Moving away from a documentary approach, Hoda Afshar’s enigmatic new book engages with the elements to trace the complex history of a group of islands in the Strait of Hormuz on the southern coast of Iran.

Reflections Inside the Seoul Metro

With the keen eye of a street photographer, Argus Paul Estabrook captures a world of black-and-white abstractions and kaleidoscopic views of commuters in the Seoul metro system. 

A Permanent Home in the Mouth of the Sun

Inspired by a collection of objects left behind by her grandmother, Hannah Altman builds a visual world to explore the customs retold and translated over time across the Jewish diaspora.


Alice Mann’s joyful portraits document South Africa’s drum majorettes, capturing the pride and performance of the young, all-female groups that practice this competitive sport.

The Day You Were Born, I Wasn’t Born Yet

Diving into family lore during the pandemic, Kai Yokoyama meets his ancestors through photography, weaving together archival pictures from the past with his own hushed images of the present.

Memory of the Eyes

In her surreal black and white photographs, Sara Cucè explores the in-between spaces of migration in search of a visual form that describes what it feels like to be neither here nor there.

Glass Life

In her new book, Sara Cwynar creates a dizzying helter-skelter through the chaos of our consumerist visual world to bring us face-to-face with our complex relationship with images.

Deponie (Landfill)

In these quiet black-and-white photographs, Tobias Kruse confronts the unsettling first decade of East Germany after the fall of the Wall, including its Nazi past and present.


In these quiet black-and-white photographs, Tobias Kruse confronts the unsettling first decade of East Germany after the fall of the Wall, including its Nazi past and present.

Portrait of Daniel

This photograph speaks volumes. Its simplicity and directness belie the power, emotion and contradictions it contains, which is one reason it was selected as a Top 10 Pick for the 2021 Critics’ Choice Awards.

In Need of New Ceremonies

A 25-year-old Romanian photographer appropriates the same tools of the former Securitate secret police to try to come to grips with her parent’s and their generation’s apparent inability to embrace 21st century freedom.


A comprehensive retrospective of Delhi-based artist Sohrab Hura’s restlessly inventive approach to photography spans genres from fiction to documentary, and formats from photobooks to video and more.

Arrivals and Departures

Magnum photographer Jacob Aue Sobol made a trek from Moscow to Ulan Bator to Beijing in one month — often making more than 1,000 photographs each day for 28 days straight. He reveals his process in this great 5 minute video interview.

Altered Negatives

Where does the photographer’s studio end and nature begin? Julie Hamel’s magical image-objects are whole worlds in themselves; a flurry of overlapping views that mimic the hazy edges of memory.

Desert Dweller

Braving the harsh elements to create a community outside the confines of mainstream society, these portraits introduce us to a motley crew of squatters occupying a corner of the Sonoran Desert.

Parallel Crisis

Years in the making, Yannis Karpouzis’ new book powerfully captures a sense of time stood still and the overlapping crises that unfolded following the Greek financial disaster of 2009.

Identification of fruits: As a fruit farmer and breeder

A fruit-farmer/photographer uses his camera to meticulously record the species he breeds and grows, adding his loving photographic vision to a long lineage of botanical art.

The Silent Clapping of Their Hands

Befriending a colorful circus master just before the pandemic, photographer Davide Bertuccio captured a life full of color and resilience, charting the growth of a new friendship despite these trying times.

Black Diamonds

A new book brings a generosity of vision and humanity to small regions of Appalachia — as seen by a resident and former photojournalist whose heritage as an Indigenous Mexican and Filipino plays an important part, too.

Embodiment : Salvaging a Self

In her “salvage operation”, Sue Stone transfigures discarded debris into detailed, colorful sculptures, teetering on the edge of collapse.

The Quickening

Ying Ang’s new photobook is an extended self-portrait referencing sleepless nights, the melancholy haze of new motherhood, and the psychological space created by bringing a new life into the world.

Thin Places

One of the millions of college students forced to study at home due to the pandemic, this photographer returned to a state of childhood play—this time swapping imaginary games for images.

Fica Suave

Charting the everyday life of Thay, a young woman living in a favela in Rio de Janeiro, this multimedia project documents the warm, strong community that exists in the midst of a violent, unsafe world.

The L_st Album

Scouring markets for discarded photo albums, Pariwat Anantachina’s intricate collages patchwork old family snaps with instruction manuals, breathing new life into abandoned pictures.

Everything Goes Dark a Little Further Down

Using his own body as a playground to explore queerness, Matthieu Croizier twists and turns his way through a personal metamorphosis captured in these carefully staged images.

Antique Pink

Meet 30 of the first gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders and intersex people (*LGBTIs) who dared to openly embrace their sexual orientation — now all over 70 years of age and living in The Netherlands.

Santa Barbara

Diana Markosian takes on the role of director in this cinematic project, restaging her family’s emigration from post-Soviet Russia to America into a surreal rendition of the immigrant experience.

30 Women Street Photographers - Paris Exhibition

Exceptional new street photography is the focus of a new exhibition in Paris that features 30 women photographers from 20 countries — here’s a generous preview of 7 artists from the show.

Files of the Disappeared

In her moving portraits and melancholic landscapes, Ashfika Rahman pieces together the hidden stories of young people who have been wrongly detained by police in Bangladesh.

The Couch

In Julia Chang-Lomonico’s family portraits, an unassuming character takes center stage: the living room couch—a stable marker of time amidst the chaos and evolution of family life.
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