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Schweppes Zero Sugar Ginger Ale recalled after investigation reveals it’s a full sugar product

The recall was initiated on March 9, 2024, and is ongoing, per an official notice from the FDA

«There's a lot we don't know»: Why public health experts are worried about bird flu

The time to prepare for a bird flu pandemic is now, experts say

Former Trump CFO Allen Weisselberg gets 5 month prison term for perjury

Allen Weisselberg is going to Rikers Island after lying under oath at Donald Trump's civil business fraud trial

Are you finally with her? The Hillary Clinton paradox

Ignore Hillary Clinton at your own peril

«Star Trek: Discovery» makes a case for Michael Burnham as the last great Starfleet captain

Our «Discovery» protagonist was never going to have it easy. The start of her last run solidifies her greatness

Legal scholars: Gagged Trump “playing with fire” in Truth Social posts targeting judge’s daughter

Trump shared links to posts attacking Judge Juan Merchan's daughter days after expanded gag order

Joe Biden says he’s “outraged and heartbroken” after Israeli strike kills World Central Kitchen team

The President also reached out to chef José Andrés «to convey my deepest condolences for the deaths»

“They decided to get even with him”: Trump's revenge against Julian Assange broke the media

How Trump’s petty vindictiveness makes the media worse

Trump melts down on Truth Social over Jack Smith “attacking” Judge Aileen Cannon

Former president says special counsel should be «sanctioned or censured» for pushing back on Trump-appointed judge

«The Regime's» meme-worthy satire can't compare with Katie Britt or today's bad political actors

Living in this bizarre reality augments the dissonance at work in HBO's limited series starring Kate Winslet

«We are in times that require us to listen»: Tessa Thompson's lessons from playing a helpline worker

The actor and producer spoke to Salon about «The Listener»: «We have a really hard time navigating silence»

Lara Trump's Big Lie hiring: Republicans stick with loser strategy that failed them in 2020 and 2022

Election denial doesn't impress voters, but it sure attracts massive defamation lawsuits

Trump’s megalomania is a trap for the GOP

«His general odiousness represents a path to electoral calamity in 2024 for the GOP»

In «Cowboy Carter,» Beyoncé converts us to the religion of country music

Texas pop diva's pen game has never been stronger, bearing her soul and what it means to be American . . .

Trump shares violent image of Biden tied-up in the back of a pickup truck

The image, posted to Truth Social, shows a kidnapped Biden in the back of a truck flying thin blue line flags

Paula Abdul sues former “American Idol” producer Nigel Lythgoe for sexual assault: report

Lythgoe denied the allegations in a TMZ statement, calling them “false” and “deeply offensive”

Switching to plant-based diets means cleaner air — and it could save more than 200,000 lives

«[Food] choices not only impact your own health, they affect the health of the planet too»

“They're saying it out loud”: Israeli minister backs mass eviction of Gazans

«This is a correct, just, moral, and humane solution,» said Israeli Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir on Monday

“This is unacceptable”: Maine’s secretary of state stands defiant in the face of doxxing, “non-stop threats” from Trump

“My decision was based exclusively on the facts presented to me at the hearing and my obligations under the law"

#TradWives are not real housewives. «Fargo» shows us the heroic difference between the two

Dorothy Lyon is a stay-at-home mom who takes resourcefulness to heroic extremes. A tradwife would never do that

Marjorie Taylor Greene says she's never been a Republican team player

In a recent interview, the outspoken Georgia Congresswoman reflects on her history of stirring the pot

Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows «swatted» after removing Trump from ballot

Defending her decision to disqualify Trump from Maine's ballot in 2024, she's since become the target of threats

The 6 worst tech fails in 2023

Google, Facebook, OpenAI, Apple and Microsoft generated yet another year of chaos. Here are the highlights

How to ring in a spirited, non-alcoholic New Year's Eve, according to expert bartenders

Although more people have gone spirit-free, the holiday can still be fraught. That doesn't have to be the case

The best breakout performances of 2023, from queens and jurors to . . . Billie Eilish?!

Maybe only one of these engaging performers is a household name, but it won't be long before they all get their due

Stop calling the GOP fascists «hypocrites»: No one cares, and they have no shame

If liberals still hope that Republicans will repent and apologize for all this, maybe they deserve what's coming

Nothing beats my Mom’s carrot cake, which is as simple to make as it is sublimely delicious

. . . and (with its tender, spiced interior and standout cream cheese frosting) I mean nothing!

For goodness bakes: Your ultimate guide to freezing Christmas cookie dough

Work a little bit ahead this holiday, then bake off fresh cookies whenever the mood strikes

America in 2021: From the end of empire to the prospect of a new civil war

Democrats had a supposed majority — and revealed their fatal weakness. History, and the pandemic, kept on going

A brief history of the Christmas cookie

Drop some holiday knowledge — along with some delicious cookies — at your next Christmas cookie swap

Theocrats are coming for the school board — but parents are starting to fight back

Right-wing Christians launch an assault on public school, starting in Colorado. Parents find a secret weapon: humor

Kamala Harris: Most powerful vice president since Richard Nixon. Yes, really

Harris has already cast a record number of tie-breaking votes — can she turn the pointless job to her advantage?

The American Mao: Donald Trump has led the Republican Party into a cultural revolution

Trump may not be president, but he's acting like a dictator — and purging internal dissent the way Mao once did

Don't turn away, and don't turn off the news: We need bravery, now more than ever

Political news is exhausting and often painful these days — but history teaches us what happens when we look away

Aloof, silent and disengaged: Why the Biden White House is in crisis

Does anybody know what's going on in the Biden White House? Do they have a strategy? It doesn't seem like it

Jan. 6 committee heats up as Liz Cheney takes center stage: Is it Watergate yet?

Cheney bids for stardom as House Jan. 6 committee begins to show its case for conspiracy — and public hearings

Text-gate fallout: Hannity, Ingraham and Don Jr. unveiled as whiny MAGA wimps!

Donald Trump loved every second of the Capitol assault. But his Fox News toadies — and his own son! — wussed out

HBO's «The Slow Hustle» director: «We're all carrying some level of mass grief as Black people»

Sonja Sohn («The Wire») appeared on «Salon Talks» to discuss a heinous chapter in Baltimore's dirty cop history

Jan. 6 committee just proved Fox News knowingly lies on air — but don't expect their viewers to care

Fox News' biggest hosts privately blamed Trump for the Capitol riot — but told a different story publicly
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