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Tiny 'sungrazer' comet discovered, photographed and destroyed — all during historic total solar eclipse

On April 8, just a few hours before the solar eclipse, an amateur astronomer discovered a small «sungrazer» comet in close proximity to our home star. The newfound object was photographed during totality before disintegrating into nothingness late

Smalltooth sawfish in Florida are spinning and beaching themselves in strange, mystery die-off

Erratically thrashing and whirling smalltooth sawfish are stranding on beaches — and scientists don't know why they're behaving this way.

Avi Wigderson wins $1 million Turing Award for using randomness to change computer science

The 2023 Turing Award has been given to Avi Widgerson. The mathematician found that adding randomness into algorithms made them better at solving nondeterministic problems.

No, you didn't see a solar flare during the total eclipse — but you may have seen something just as special

Several media outlets have incorrectly claimed that explosive solar flares were spotted during the April 8 total solar eclipse. But there were no flares during totality, so what did people see?

Neolithic women in Europe were tied up and buried alive in ritual sacrifices, study suggests

The research found evidence of the «incaprettamento» method of murder at 14 Neolithic sites in Europe.

Solar safe telescope deal: $30 saving ahead of the total solar eclipse

This affordable telescope is $30 off at Best Buy, and is perfect for this month's eclipse.

Maya nobility performed bloodletting sacrifices to strengthen a 'dying' sun god during solar eclipses

The Maya created a complex calendar system to regulate their world — one of the most accurate of pre-modern times.

H5N1: What to know about the bird flu cases in cows, goats and people

Bird flu in cows and goats has raised alarm in the U.S. To date, one person is thought to have caught the virus from cattle, but the risk to the public is low.

Co-sleeping with pet dogs — but not cats — linked to poorer sleep in study

A survey-based study finds that people who sleep in the same room as their dogs show worse sleep quality. Cats weren't linked to the same effect.

Error-corrected qubits 800 times more reliable after breakthrough, paving the way for 'next level' of quantum computing

Scientists used a technique called 'active syndrome extraction' to build four logical qubits from 30 physical ones and run 14,000 experiments without detecting a single error.

The 10 best stargazing events of 2024

The 2024 stargazing guide includes a rare total solar eclipse, two bright comet flybys and three supermoons. Here are all the dates you need to know.

Full moons of 2024: Names, dates and everything you need to know

Find out exactly when to see the full moons of 2024, including dates for supermoons and a two lunar eclipses.

5 blockbuster archaeology discoveries that may come in 2024

From AI deciphering lost texts to a secret about our human relatives, here are some of the new breakthroughs in archaeology we may see in 2024.

Why is it called 'morning sickness' if it can happen any time of day?

Pregnancy sickness can happen at any time of day or night, but its symptoms can often be worse in the morning.

'Eyes coming straight for me': Huge crocodile launches itself into boat with jaws wide open in strange attack

Queensland authorities are on the lookout for a crocodile reported to have leapt into a fisher's boat at Jane Creek before losing its balance and tumbling back into the water.

Solar storm may amp up northern lights before Christmas

A solar storm that erupted from the sun on Monday (Dec. 20) may boost northern lights displays around the north pole just ahead of Santa's trip this weekend.

Scientists discover new part of the body

The newfound muscle layer sits within the masseter, a key muscle for chewing.

55-foot-long Triassic sea monster discovered in Nevada

The discovery of a semitrailer-size ichthyosaur from the early Triassic shows that these reptiles got big really fast, evolutionarily speaking.

The 10 wildest things we learned about black holes in 2021

A rundown of awesome results about black holes from 2021.

10 extraordinary dinosaur discoveries from 2021

Here's what we've learned about dinosaurs in 2021.

Darkness caused by dino-killing asteroid snuffed out life on Earth in 9 months

After an asteroid struck at the end of the Cretaceous period, debris from wildfires filled the atmosphere and blocked sunlight across Earth, causing ecosystem collapse and extinctions.

Scientists just reconstructed one of the oldest family trees ever charted

A Neolithic tomb in England holds the remains of five generations of family members descended from one man and four women, DNA analysis reveals.

Flecks of silver in poop of ancient Cambrian creature baffle scientists

Researchers have discovered specks of silver in 500 million-year-old fossilized worm dung; the precious metal likely came from «mining» microbes.

Woolly mammoths survived on mainland North America until 5,000 years ago, DNA reveals

Ancient DNA reveals that woolly mammoths coexisted with humans in North America for 5,000 years longer than previously believed.

9 equations that changed the world

Here are nine equations that altered the course of history.

Top 10 inventions that changed the world

From the wheel to the birth control pill, these 10 inventions had huge ramifications.

Are electric toothbrushes better than manual toothbrushes?

Are electric toothbrushes better than manual brushes? We explore how to get the best results from our toothbrushes.

10 rowing machine benefits

10 rowing machine benefits that will have you making a beeline for this piece of home gym equipment.

Air bike vs spin bike: Which is best for you?

Which style of indoor bike should you buy? We compare an air bike vs spin bike.

1st long-acting injection to prevent HIV has been approved by the FDA

The new drug, Apretude, is an alternative to daily pills for HIV prevention.

Impeccably preserved dinosaur embryo looks as if it 'died yesterday'

A dinosaur egg laid 70 million years ago reveals that embryos got «into position» before hatching, just like modern bird do.

Scientists find fossil of largest arthropod to ever live, a car-size millipede

Researchers in the U.K. have discovered the fossilized exoskeleton of an 8.5-feet -long millipede from around 326 million years ago.

Imaginary numbers could be needed to describe reality, new studies find

Theories based only on real numbers are incapable of explaining the results of this new experiment.

How to watch the James Webb telescope launch into space

The James Webb Space Telescope, an upgrade to Hubble, is scheduled to launch on Dec. 24.

Can you use a Peloton when pregnant?

A Peloton provides a great all-around workout – but can you use a Peloton when pregnant?

Frozen tardigrade becomes first 'quantum entangled' animal in history, researchers claim

A new pre-print study claims to have quantum entangled a tardigrade with two superconductor qubits, though experts are skeptical.

Is dehumidifier water good for plants?

In order to to reuse and recycle gray water at home, we're asking 'is dehumidifier water good for plants?'

Five ideas for fun cardio HIIT workouts

With these five ideas for fun cardio HIIT workouts, you'll be enjoying your exercise routine more than ever.

What is Lake Vostok?

Lake Vostok lies buried under miles of ice in East Antarctica.
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